works and performances


2019, fall. Artist in Residence at EMS, Elektronmusikstudion i Stockholm. I will bring the Modular Trash System to buddy up with their Buchla 200.



Sound Sculpture lab exhibition and a following concert with the MTS system and artist Seht Zhan and Sthlm Blush, at Kulturnatten i Lund, Stenkrossen. This day was also the grand opening of the new and renovated Stenkrossen facilities.

2019-08-19 to 2019-09-30 Artist in Residence at Inter Arts Center Malmö for the project “Mix-edit of MTS sound archive”

2019-08-17 Performance at the outdoor chip music festival Chipwrecked 2019, Bornholm Denmark, with the MTS system.


2019-08-09 to 2019-08-16 “RIDDL” Commission by Malmö Stad to create four large interactive sculptures during MalmöFestivalen, together with three other artists through Frank Gallery.



2019-07-01 Sound Sculpture A, a part of LoviLunds Aktivitetsdag at Stenkrossen.

2019-06-12 to 2019-06-19

Sound Sculpture A exhibited at Stadshallen LAB in Lund, alongside a few other exhibitions.

2019-05-26 and 2019-05-27

Exhibition “A Spring Thing“, showing prototypes for sound sculptures made though Sound Sculpture Lab.

2019-02-01 I received a one year project grant from Lunds kommun to have my own workshop/studio at Stenkrossen, and other great benefits that come with it. Project name: “Autonomous and interactive sound sculptures and musical instruments”.

2018-12-16 SONOPTICON: LJUDINTERVENTION Sound Installation @ Bonniers Konsthall Stockholm, through the Konstfack course “Sound in Interaction”

2018-10-04 Perform Turksib soundtrack with Bronnt Industries Kapital in Dovzhenko Centre Kiev, Ukraine.

2018-09-21 Concert at Vita Havet @ Konstfack with GLO, The Great Learning Orchestra.

2018-09-15 Concert @ Kulturnatten Lund with Funkhaus Lund and guest artist Guy Bartell.

2018-07-28 Turksib Bronnt Industries Kapital. Duo performance with Bronnt Industries Kapital, live soundtrack to the film TurkSib. Sommarscen Malmö.

2018-06-10 Powwow Copenhagen: Powcast Nº4 Performance with Modular network Powwow Copenhagen live broadcast.

2018-05-26. Performance at “Pataphors” , @ West Germany Venue, Berlin, Germany. Hosted by SEHT ZHAN. With Olga Kozmanidze, Seht Zhan, Manuel Lima, Kae San, and Dirar Kalash.

2018-05-27 Performance at “Www time heals to” @ Hansa 3, Dresden, Germany. Seht Zhan, Manuel Lima, SKlation.

2018-05-30 Funkhaus Lund together with the SKROT ensemble and Trulsljud is hosting Nätverksträff: Nordic music arts and crafts at Stenkrossen Lund.

2018-04-28 Exhibition of the modular found object system 13-15 and concert 15-16 during

Hållbarhetsfestivalen 2018, arranged by Synaps Lund.


Concert with Funkhaus in “Vinterkupolen“, as a part of Vinterlund. 15:00-16:00.


2017-12-31 Suite “Fanfare For The Common Misconceptions” composed and performed in collaboration with David Åkesson, in the collaboration project Funkhaus, live for the radio show Elektroniskt i P2. 20.00 to 22.00. The show is also available as a podcast at Sveriges Radio P2: Elektroniskts nyårsspecial från Radiohuset i Malmö.

2017-12-11 Collection “motifs” performed at Funkhaus Öppen DÖRR konsert, Stenkrossen Lund. Supported by Vinterlund.

2017-12-08 “no title” performed at Klöbb, Frank Art Gallery Malmö.

Review by Buddhamag: getting-high-with-power-tools-welcome-to-swedens-noisiest-club

2017-11-04 “The Pool” (premiere) and “Waves” for the Skrotmusik ensemble performed at the Transistor 4 festival /Inter Arts Center Malmö.

2017-10-29 “Waves” (premiere) C-Y ContemporarY 10 year Festival, /Inter Arts Center.

2017-09-16 “Found Objects” Sound Installation for Multiple Speakers, part of the Funkhaus in the Room feat. SEHT ZHAN event at Lund Kulturnatten, Stenkrossen.

“Nicklas Lundberg’s installation is centered around sonic intermodulation and is an autonomous version of his modular instrument built out of electronic waste. “

2017-08-06″No Title” (premiere) for tone generators, feedback and objects. Part of the Simone Beneventi “This is not percussion” tour, arranged by Heartzbreakers in collaboration with RANK, Inter Arts Center, Ars Nova, C-Y ContemporarY, and Funkhaus Lund. Performed at Stenkrossen Lund.

2017-08-05 “No Title” (premiere) for tone generators, feedback and objects. Part of the Simone Beneventi “This is not percussion” tour, arranged by Heartzbreakers in collaboration with RANK, Inter Arts Center, Ars Nova, C-Y ContemporarY, and Funkhaus Lund. Performed at Inter Arts Center Malmö.

2017-03-29 Free Improvisation Performance with Funkhaus, at Open House at Stenkrossen.

2017-02-11 “9 little pieces” (premiere), graphic scrolling score performed as a duo, electronics and amplified contrabass. Contrabass performed by David Åkesson. Part of the Sound Disturbance – Hearing the visual Sound Festival, Inter Arts Center Malmö.




Interactive sound and light installation at Luleå Light Festival. Collaborate project.

Interactive sound and light installation Linköping Light Festival. Collaborate project.


First Orchestra, a project that developed virtual orchestral instruments for Sibelius Software and Native Instruments Kontakt Sampler. Software design and coding.


Mix engineer and in-house producer/arranger at among others Jambox Studios, New York.