Performance – Electronics, Objects, Sampled Voice

Prutin – “Prutt”(Swedish for “fart”) + Putin (an abomination of mankind)

I was still in chock over Putins invasion war of Ukraine when I was asked to come and perform at the anti-war art exhibition Catch-22 at Köttfabriken (The Meat Factory) in Uppsala Sweden. I felt an urge to express my sorrow and anger over the situation and was happy that I got this opportunity, however I felt it was a hard decision to actually go through with making a comment on the war, from this side of the world. My take was, that if I stood up and screamed out what I felt, that this was a monstrous act, this could or would actually be appreciated by the offenders. So to me, however mighty and powerful Putin and the likes regards themselves, they are just sorry farts that eventually will blow way, regretfully with a stench that lingers on.


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