Pendulum Coils

Kinetic Interactive Sound Installation

Electronics, Metal Junk, Stone

Pendulum Coils is an interactive sound installation that has been featured at several exhibition locations, one of them being Galleri Rostrum in Malmö (SE):

Exhibition opens Thursday 4 June at 18.00 – 20.00

The exhibition runs from June 4 – June 7, 2020

The exhibition is part of the Sound Art Stage at Galleri Rostrum

The installation consists of a playable kinetic sculpture, which through pendulum movement drives an electronic soundscape. An organic soundscape guided by gravity emerges, directed by the exhibition’s visitors. The sounds generated by the parallel but mutually independent pulses work together to create a soundscape that is both evocatively static and at the same time never the same.

“I am interested in letting objects, movements and patterns that exist in a non-musical context be shaped aurally. With this, I want to highlight and question how we value and categorize our world. I intend to create a borderland where conventional definitions don’t work and thus stimulate a situation where you have to get involved in order to understand.”
Nicklas Lundberg

Nicklas Lundberg (b. 1976) is a Malmö-based sound artist and composer. He has studied courses related to sound art at Konstfack, Malmö School of Music and Lund University. His work revolves around object-based and kinetic sound works, often with an underlying socially critical theme.
In his artistic work, he strives to make visible the potential of the forgotten or belittled and to question our values. By searching the borderland between noise and music, man and machine, trash or precious things, he questions common definitions.

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