Modus Operandi / Sound Interaction THrough Physical Phenomena

Modus Operandi/Sound Interaction Through Physical Phenomena was a sound focused research project that took place 2021-2022 at Inter Arts Center Malmö Sweden. It was an exploration of ways of sonic expression through a sound interaction interface based on the pendulum motion.

Modus Operandi – Exhibition

‘Modus Operandi’ is an interactive exhibition with an accompanying performance where Nicklas Lundberg presents the result of his sound research work at IAC during the last year. During the exhibition the audience is invited to through headphones explore an instrument utilising objects, physical phenomena, and different forms of sound synthesis.

Sound Interaction Through Physical Phenomena – Research project

Nicklas Lundberg will through this project explore and research interaction with sound through interfaces that use physical phenomena as the vehicle for generating content while the human performer remains the agent in terms of form. Many inspiring questions arise when using an environment like this: about the nature of musical gestures, the correlation between agent and sound; topics that are as important today as they have been in the past, not the least in the history of electroacoustic and acousmatic music and theory.

For the research an array of objects will be built which all offers in some way a response of autonomous pattern generation. The patterns that arise will be translated to the digital domain and linked with sound generation techniques utilizing the visual programming language PureData. This will be the environment that is used for the research.

The objects will be built of repurposed materials, which is a thematic link to the idea of using forces that are there free for all to use. Hence there is a sculptural element to the project, however the focus at IAC will be the sounding features.

The research at IAC will focus on compositional, improvisational, performative possibilities within the given settings and aim to find the given and most suitable expressions that this environment affords from a sonically aesthetic perspective.

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