Jon Nicklas Lundberg’s (SE)  practice is centered around sculptural sound works, often with kinetic and interactive elements. His central themes which he problematise are normality and classification, which he approaches with a primitivistic work ethos and an activist mindset.

Sonically his works reside in the vicinity of electro acoustic music, while at the same time they are strongly influenced by improvisational music. Visually his works draw inspiration from junk art and the found object traditions, but at the core the selection of objects is a consequence of the interactive design.

He is searching for primitive solutions that utilize free resources, may it be scrap electronics, metal junk, shared knowledge, digital junk, or physical phenomena such as the pendulum motion. His approach is exploratory and he progresses by an iterative process, making prototype series in different sizes and with different functions. The objects that constitute his works are modular and are often rearranged, exchanged, removed, added, or altered and as such there is no given start or finish, it is an open form in constant flux.

Nicklas Lundberg has studied sound art related subjects at Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design (SE), Malmö Music Academy (SE), Uppsala University (SE) and Lund University (SE). He has prior to his practice as a sound artist been working as a sound engineer and in-house beat maker in music studios in New York, and he has also a background as a double bass player.

He currently holds a 3-year residency through Lund City (SE) to support his experimental project Sound Sculpture lab.